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Get started on your surround sound installation project in Buford, GA by calling CI Design

CI Design takes on speaker installation jobs in Buford, GA and surrounding areas. We'll turn your living room into a full-featured home movie theater.

If you need new speakers installed in your home, we can help. We'll make sure your surround sound speakers are perfectly aligned and calibrated so you get the perfect acoustics. We can run all of the necessary wires along your ceiling, floor and walls in a way that looks clean and professional.

Reach out to us right away to set up your surround sound installation appointment. We'll install your speakers in a way that makes them look and sound their best.

What's so great about surround sound speakers?

What's so great about surround sound speakers?

CI Design provides speaker installation services in the Buford, GA area. Installing surround sound speakers will:

  • Transform your living room into a home theater
  • Enhance your video game experience
  • Make it easy for people with hearing difficulties to enjoy movies and TV

CI Design can install any kind of speakers in your home. We'll complete your surround sound installation in no time.