Commercial Systems

Conference/Board room Installations

A Conference room is a room provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings. It is commonly found at large hotels and convention centers though many other establishments, including even hospitals, have one. CI Design Technicialns will provide you with the state of the art systems to convey just that.

Some of our Clients include:
HD Supply
Helco Lighting
Mutual of Omaha
Empire Beauty School

Commercial Display installations

Digital Signage and TV Displays can alleviate communications clutter within the corporate enterprise. Busy employees and executives everywhere are overwhelmed with internet content, emails, social media, and most acary of all "big data". Vast amounts of data are constantly being pulled from numerous sources. They are analyzed, dissected, reformatted, and distributed. Making sense out of this ocean of data is incredibly challenging, and the time available for examining countless spreadsheets and graphs to find actionable nuggets of information has become scarce. CI Design Techs provide our clients with state of the art display systems. From Bars/Nightclubs to Airports and Gyms our technicians will make your life a whole lot easier with our one touch systems.

Our Clients Include:
Lifetime Fitness Centers
HD Supply
CNN Stores
Crazy 8
Emprie Beauty School
Ellis Hotel
Erbert & Gerbert's Sandwich Shop

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are key avenues to protecting your investments. CI Desgin Surveillance systems can provide you with easy access surveillance systems through a Tablet or even your mobile devices. Our factory trained techs will provide you with easy to use systems that will give you the comfort of being able to survey your property. From Schools to Restaurants CI Design techs are just a call away. Some of our clients include:

Life time fitness centers

First Lithonia SDA School

Empire Beauty Schools


Background Sound Systems

Background Sound systems are defines asmusic, often recorded or intended to provide a soothing background,usually played over loudspeaker systems in public places, as retail stores or restaurants. BG music is composed specifically to accompany and heighten the mood of avisual production, as a movie.

Some of our Clients Include:
Banana Republic
Diesel USA
CNN Store
Tommy Hilfiger
Sunglass Icon
Crazy 8
Lifetime Fitness Center